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Through partnerships with experts from the European Union, we identify solutions for the efficient use of energy, as well as clean energy. We also develop comprehensive programs for the implementation of sustainable energy for the private sector.

The aim is to detect in the companies, the opportunities of saving in the energetic consumption. That is, how to consume less energy without affecting the production. As soon as the diagnosis is realized, we accompany to the companies to the implementation of the measures of saving.

Great part of the projects, we do them with supports of the Banking development. In this sense, our labor is to help to the companies in the necessary steps to obtain non-refundable resources that pay this type of services. The sector is major supports is the Agroindustrial one.

  • What services we offer

  • Implementation of Measures of Improvement
  • Training "In situ"
  • Integral Programs of Maintenance

With the representation of French companies and the support of Mexican engineers, the necessary diagnoses are realized to determine the levels of investment and saving that are generated thanks to the system implementation of photovoltaic generation.

One of the principal aims is the considerable decrease of the price of the Kw/hr, thanks to the generation of energy for self-consumption. The photovoltaic generated parks can form a part of the assets of the company or, of an associate company that turns into the provider of energy. We possess the aptitude to attract investment of foreign companies for the generation of this type of projects.

  • What services we offer

  • Development of Photovoltaic Parks.
  • Identification of offtakers and areas with potential.
  • Project of generation of Energy for self-consumption.
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